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Stretched Out Slime

Occupational Therapy

For Children, Teens & Adults

Fine Motor Skills

These are crucial for performing intricate tasks with our fingers and mastering school readiness goals such as handwriting, cutting and craft. It involves the coordination of the small muscles in the hand to hold, explore, manipulate toys, pencils, and feeding utensils.

Gross Motor Skills

These are the use of our large muscle groups to achieve movements such as running, jumping, walking, kicking and throwing.


These skills are crucial in daily life and depend on the development of 3 primary areas: fine motor coordination, manual dexterity and visual motor skills. Handwriting difficulties may include: letter reversals, legibility, pencil pressure, disorganised handwriting, fatigue and pain.

Self-Care Skills

These skills involve daily routines such as dressing and undressing, tying shoe laces, doing up buttons, toileting and other daily hygiene routines.

Play Skills

These are the skills that we use in our everyday play, including role playing, imaginative play, parallel/interactive play, puzzles, building, and threading.

Daily Tasks of Independence

For children, this can include brushing teeth, washing a plate at the sink, and planning and packing a school bag or lunch box.
For adults, this can include meal preparation, cooking, cleaning the house, and making the bed.

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