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Which NDIS services can you access with us?

  • Therapeutic supports (Capacity Building)

  • Early intervention supports for Early Childhood

  • Positive Behaviour Supports and Behaviour Support Plans (Improved Relationships funding)

  • Home Modification assessments and reports

  • Specialised assessment of skills, abilities and needs

  • Psychology, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Therapy Assistants.

What is the NDIS?

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provides individualised support for individuals, infant to 65 years, with a permanent and significant disability that affects their ability to take part in everyday life. They provide information and referrals, links to services and activities, individualised plans and where necessary, support services over a lifetime. This includes reasonable and necessary financial support based on individual needs and goals. Individuals and their families accessing the NDIS scheme will have planning meetings and access to Local Area Coordinators (LAC's) to help them develop a plan. NDIS Plans are reviewed at least annually.

What is covered by the NDIS?

Funding will be dependent on needs, goals and existing supports. The amount you are eligible for may change from year to year and you may not be eligible for funding every year. You will have an opportunity to meet with a planner to discuss this. You can also review the Getting Ready Plan template designed by NDIA to help you consider your or your child's current needs, supports and goals. For further information, please see the NDIS website at or phone 1800 800 110.


We accept participants with a valid and active NDIS plan with funds to access Therapeutic Services and Early Childhood Intervention Services. You can access these services if your funds are NDIA managed, Plan managed or Self managed.

What do I need to bring in the first session?

You will need to bring your NDIS Approved Plan Summary to the first session which states the summary of areas approved and budget allocated for each intervention area. Supports will be provided in a context of a therapeutic setting (face to face) by a qualified therapist for the duration of the units decided together with the participant/ their trusted person as part of the service agreement.

Supporting participants to access our services

We are committed to supporting participants to making adjustments where required to make our practice a safe environment for participant's to access our services. We do this through our intake process where we gather information and then make the necessary adjustments required (eg, adjustments to assist with mobility access, sensory needs, auditory needs, etc). We treat all participants with fairness and respect.

When services will be withdrawn

Services will be withdrawn if the work environment is unsafe for the Clinician or participant. If a service is withdrawn, we will support the participant to find another service provider that is more suitable for their needs, with the participant’s input to exercise their choice and control in the process.


Who do i ask about my funding?

Your Local Area Coordinator's (LAC) contact details will be on your NDIS Plan, who will help you with any questions you may have. Or phone the NDIA on 1800 800 110.

How do I find out how much funding I have left to use?

You are able to check the status of your funds through the participant portal online or in your myGov account. If you are unsure how to do this, call the NDIA on 1800 800 110.

Can I change the services I am accessing part-way through treatment?

Yes. Participants have the right to choice and control. If you would like to change the direction of your therapy, just ask the Clinician and they will be more than happy to assist you.

What happens towards the end of my plan?

Your Clinician will complete an NDIS review report to assist you and your NDIS planner to identify the goals you have been working on in treatment, the outcomes, and the proposed treatment goals for your next NDIS plan.

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